KTL Offshore Pte Ltd

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    anchors: boat & ship, hooks: lifting, hoisting, etc, shackles: anchor, chain, etc, buoys: marine, hooks: towing, ship building equipment & supplies, chain slings, inspection & diagnostic services, slings, chains, load binders, surveyors: marine, chains - stockists & dealers, load cells, testing equipment: hardness, chains: stud link anchor - stockists & dealers, load testing service, thimbles: rope & wire rope, clamps: lifting, lubricants: wire rope, turnbuckles, container handling equipment, marine equipment & supplies, winches, deck machineries, rope: fibre, manila, sisal, wire rope, hatch covers, rope: nylon, wire rope slings, hoists: chain, rope: polypropylene, wire rope testing service
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    71 Tuas Bay Dr
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